Spreading Happiness

The London Happiness Centre: Uplifting 12m Londoners

Spreading Happiness

The London Happiness Centre: Uplifting 12m Londoners

Monthly Donation Target

Fundraising for the 2020 Vision Happiness Centre

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Global Vision is to Spread Happiness by creating a Stress-Free, Violence Free Society

We would like you to be part of this incredible Vision, by supporting the Art of Living Foundation Charity in creating “Happiness Centres” all over the UK, starting with our first space in London. We will be renting a space for up to £10,000 per month, and are looking for monthly donations to fund this rent and other costs.

These Happiness Centres will be beautiful beacons of peace, where local people can come to meditate, learn more about how to relieve stressboost energy and well-being and to feel a sense of belongingness; and ultimately to become happier!

We are in the middle of a mental health epidemic here in the UK….by developing these healing spaces, think of how many people we can help to bring back their smile!

All of us have experienced a transformation in our own lives, so we feel compelled to share these proven tools with others, to uplift and transform society. Join us and make a difference in the lives of others!

Art of Living Impact*

Wellbeing Improvement
0 %

Ability to stay calm in tough situations

Reduction in Stress
0 %

Reduction in the stress hormone, Serum Cortisol

Increase in Productivity
0 %

Feeling of positive impact on working day.

*Statistics from over 60 independent studies published in peer review journals spanning four continents.

Our Objectives for the 2020 Vision Happiness Centres

Philanthropic Opportunity

For those interested in uplifting humanity through our shared Human Values, the Philanthropic investment in this centre represents great value for money. Your support provides the following:

  • Promoting and Supporting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision of a stress-free violence free society
  • positive impact on the Lives of 100,000 Londoners, through reducing stress and increasing well-being
  • An iconic venue that leaves a fantastic legacy for future generations to benefit
  • Creating a home and a sense of belongingness for the Art of Living Family
  • Uniting Londoners together, with inner-peace creating outer peace and harmony

Art of Living already has a global presence in 152 countries worldwide. Greater London has a population of 12m people, and London is truly an international City that creates trends that translate across the planet. Our vision is that this centre becomes a world-class model of how we can deliver much-needed solutions to stressful city living. The centre will be run by volunteers, and delivers a great return for local communities. As an example, there will be regular free workshops in Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation and will be a fantastic new service for the communities of London.

How We Will Achieve the 2020 Vision


Phase 1: Fundraising & Research

The First Phase of the project is to raise the necessary deposit to acquire a space, through your monthly donations. 

We really value your input and support through this process, and if you would like to get involved in fundraising

, please contact Ashok Gupta on
+44 (0)7714 708832 or

In parallel, we shall be researching spaces in London for our first Happiness Centre. We have previously identified several sites, and have a good idea of financial requirements.


WINTER 2019 TO 2020

Phase 2: Site Aquisition

The Second Phase involves site acquisition and putting a team together to run the centre.

Followed by promotion at the community level, helping local communities become aware of this new local well-being provision. We aim to Launch in late 2019 or early 2020.

WINTER 2019 TO 2020

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