Financing the London Happiness Centre

We plan to raise around £10,000 per month through Philanthropic donations, fundraising activities, grants, and other sources. Having extensively researched the local property market in concert with local agents, it has been decided that this amount of money allows the organisation to rent a property within Zones 1 and 2, in London.

The Happiness Centre 2020 Vision fund will be directly co-ordinated and supervised by the Board of Trustees of AOL Foundation UK.

​Any monies donated by individuals or organisations will be ring-fenced, and only used for the running of a Happiness Centre building in London, and its refurbishment. The Art of Living Foundation is a UK registered charity. All decisions on the use of monies will be made by the Board of Trustees , the names of whom can be inspected at any time.

All donors will receive a monthly update as to the status of the project, and how their money will be used. It is important to the project team that all donors and fundraisers feel that they are involved at each stage of the project, and that the process is as transparent as possible.

Building Specifications

This amount of money will allow the rental of a property which has the following specifications:

  • One large open hall space of at least 1000-2000 sq ft for large Well-Being courses, delivery of service projects and community events, and Art of Living events
  • Ideally with retail frontage, selling Books, DVDs, CDs, Sri Sri Ayurveda, & other Art of Living Merchandise
  • An office for administration purposes for the Charity, and to co-ordinate National delivery of Art of Living courses and events
  • Side Room for Sri Sri Ayurveda Treatments or other smaller events
  • Location in Zones 1 or 2 of London

Here are some examples of previous qualifying spaces:


There are several project team members who are actively looking for properties so that once funds are in place, site acquisition can proceed efficiently. If you have an expertise in this area, please contact the project team [email protected]

How the running cost will be funded

Ideally, the venue would be rented out during weekdays for other organisations corporate events, in keeping with the Art of Living ethos. (e.g. no meat, no alcohol, etc). Hotel venues are regularly sold out for corporate meetings and events, and we would offer a different type of away-day space with an emphasis on well-being.

Income generated through courses. In the existing funding models, a percentage of course fees are allocated to a venue. Currently the foundation spends a lot of money on hiring venues for events, and having a centre mitigates these costs, allowing the money to be reinvested into the centre.

Being a registered charity, there are very low business rates to pay. The full business plan will be available for those who are interested in viewing the details. Please contact Gaurav Gaur on +44(0)7801 867656

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